How to submit your stock photos fast using AI?

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A Deep Dive to Submit your Stock Images and videos using AI and automation

Successfully submitting your photos to stock agencies isn’t just about the quality of the image itself. Instead, it’s the metadata, adhering to guidelines, and understanding the review process that play pivotal roles in ensuring your images get accepted and are easily discoverable by potential buyers. Now, let’s delve into these sections in detail and discover how to save hours of work with AI to submit your stock photos fast!

Preparing Your Files

To begin with, export your file from your favorite editing software. In this example, I’m using a picture I took last summer in Athens.

The picture of Athens used for the tutorial

Using ChatGPT for Assistance

Now, open ChatGPT and click on the image icon in the message section. Alternatively you can use Bing Chat which has the image feature using GPT4 for free.

Screenshot of ChatGPT. The user clicks on the image icon


Once your image is uploaded, it’s time to enter the following prompt. Your prompt should be as follows:

“I want to submit this picture to a stock agency. I need you to create a title, write a description for it (200 characters maximum), and select the best keywords. Remember, the keywords should be ones that potential clients would type in when looking to purchase the image. Please order the keywords based on their relevance to increase sales and separate them with commas.”

Furthermore, don’t forget to add a few keywords at the end of the script to help the AI. You can also add some context at the end to assist the AI in understanding your request.

Screenshot of the demo when the user paste the prompt

Understanding the Results

The results are now displayed with the following structure: Title, Description, Keywords.

Screenshot of the title, description and keywords displayed

Saving More Time with QuantumFolio

At this stage, you might think you’re done and that you’ve already saved a ton of time. However, you can save even more time using QuantumFolio. Notably, it will generate all the CSV files for each agency according to their specific formats.

Quantumfolio preview

Batch Editing with QuantumFolio

You can get your copy of QuantumFolio here. Make sure you have Microsoft Excel. Alternatively, you can use Apache OpenOffice, which is free and compatible on Mac, PC, and Linux. Here’s how to use QuantumFolio:

  • Open QuantumFolio
  • Enter the filename, and dont forget the file format extension
  • Go back to ChatGPT, copy the title, and paste it in QuantumFolio
  • Paste the description
  • Paste the keywords

Metadata editing

  • Select the agency format

Stock agency selection

  • Select the destination of the CSV metadata file
  • Click on “Get the CSV” to generate the file

Settings selection

CSV generated

Submitting Your Files to the Agencies

For this example, we are going to use Shutterstock. For other agencies, refer to the other tutorials we’ve made.

  • Open the submission platform.
  • Select and upload your files.

    Screenshot of the files being uploaded
  • Go back to the metadata page. The files are now successfully uploaded

The files are now uploaded on the ShutterStock interface

  • Click on “Upload CSV”

Users clicks on "Upload CSV"

  • Select the Shutterstock CSV you generated with QuantumFolio

Upload the CSV metadata file

  • The CSV has been successfully applied

The CSV is now successfully synchronised

  • Proofread your content
  • Make some local adjustments
  • Select all the files and hit “Submit.”

The files are successfully submitted!

Congratulations on Your Successful Submissions!

In Summary, properly preparing and submitting your images to stock agencies requires attention to detail, patience, and a bit of market insight. But that was before. Now, with ChatGPT and Quantumfolio, you can focus on creating more content rather than writing metadata.

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